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Author: klifsnider

Over the holidays, many players have returned to The Battle Grounds II, and new players have been welcomed into the community.
This increase in population has brought back some clans, and we are happy to see older communities such as 42nd and 12.Iftr playing again, as well as new ones such as 49th and 23rd. For our North American players, +]3D[+ is back, with an American server.

This has provided us with an excellent opportunity to organize a tournament, the New Skirmish League (NSL).
6 teams have signed up to battle it out in this 3rd season of the event. You can keep an eye on the rankings here.
Anyone with enough free time on sunday evenings is welcome to participate, leave a post on our forum if you are interested.

There is also some good news for those that like to get their creative juices flowing: you can be making custom maps in no time!
Previously, a painful configuration of the development toolkit was required. This can now be completed quickly and without effort thanks to a new tutorial.

The first snow falls on Europe, and the BG II team remains hard at work. I leave you with this teaser screenshot for BG II 3.0 of bg_snowlake.


Upcoming hotfix for 2.3

Author: Hawke

It’s been nearly a month now since the release of the latest patch. Things have gotten busy with the development team, University has started and it’s been back to work for many of us. However, despite that we’ve spent the last month bug checking, reading your posts on the support forum and discussing what needs to be done. We’ve decided that the patch needs a small hotfix to patch some of the bugs and add in some additional content before we shift development fully to BG 3.0 on the Source 2013 engine.

The hotfix should be ready to release by mid-September. We’ll be taking the previous patch and this hotfix and rolling it all up into a full, automatic installer to make it easier for people to download and install. Your feedback is very important to us, so please, if you have any comments, bug reports or just some suggestions for the mod we’d love to hear from you; just post about it here on the bg2mod forums.

Happy Hunting,


Patch 2.3 released

Author: Hawke

Battle Grounds II Patch 2.3

The Battle Grounds II development team is pleased to announce a small content and bug fixing patch for Battle Grounds II, version 2.2 This patch will update the mod to version 2.3.


*This patch requires a working bg2 2.2 installation. If you do not have one, please check the ‘Downloads’ section.*

1) Extract the ‘bg2’ folder in the .zip file to your ‘…SteamSteamAppsSourceMods’ folder.
2) Select the option to OVERWRITE the existing files.
3) All done!

If you are having issues with the moddb download, please check this thread

Check out some of the new features:

A new infantry skin for the British infantry.

A new area overlooking the market on Trenton, allowing troops to fire down into the market and ambush their foes.

Additionally we’ve added in new information and feedback for the player, including a new screen displaying weapon information and stats.

You can read more about the new content and bug fixes in our previous news post: News Update for Battle Grounds II

This will be the final update for the 2007 version of the game. All of our development resources are now focused on building the newest version of the mod on the Source 2013 engine, adding in new features, models, maps, weapons, gameplay changes and all other sorts of new goodies for what will eventually be Battle Grounds II, version 3.0

We hope you enjoy this small patch while you wait for the next major update to the mod.

Change-log for patch 2.3 – July 24, 2015

  1. Fixes on bg_trenton
  2. Fixes on ctf_river
  3. Reworked main menu
  4. Added website feed to main menu
  5. Red screen when hit has been toned down
  6. Resized class menus
  7. New motd image
  8. New British infantry skin


Hello all!

As you know we’ve been working on a big update for Battle Grounds, porting it over to the 2013 version of Source and including new features like swivel guns, graphical upgrades and a brand new main menu with a community news feed. Today we are announcing a small, upcoming patch for BG 2.2 which is the first step of rolling out this new content.

The goal of this patch is to try out the main menu and news feed, so that we can test it with the community and polish it for the eventual BG2 3.0 release on Source 2013. In addition to that we have made some long overdue bug-fixes and performance improvements for the current version as well as some extra goodies.

You can expect the new patch within the next week, so keep an eye out!

The main menu with news feed and community updates. With this feed the dev team will be able to post updates directly to the community. Additionally community leaders will be able to post their own updates on clan battles and special, community organized events.

A new and improved loading screen with tips and suggestions on game-play and game modes in the mod.

A long requested community feature is finally here. Information and stats on the many musket types in the game. These weapon cards list vital information like reload speed, accuracy and damage.

Also on offer is a new infantry uniform for the British regulars. Based on the coat facings of the 47th Lancashire regiment, this new coat brings the uniform options up to an equal number of three for both the British and the Americans.

Finally we have a game-play change to one of our maps, Bg_Trenton. This option allows rooftop access along a line of scaffolding, offering the prefect vantage point to rain down musket fire on the square below.

We hope you enjoy this small patch while you wait for the next major update, Battle Grounds 2 Version 3.0

Still Working…

Author: Nathan_Hale

We are still working on updates to BG2. Here is a quick shot of the tavern from the map “New London”. This map will be a “town” map in the spirit of the long-popular Towguard. Many players mentioned that Townguard is their favorite map, and New London has a similar style of gameplay.


New London

Happy Fourth of July

Author: Nathan_Hale

Happy Fourth of July from the Battle Grounds 2 Team.

Work on the next version of the game continues, but we thought we’d wish everyone a good Independence Day.

New Map: CTF_Road

Author: Nathan_Hale

Everyone loves new maps, and the next update of Battle Grounds II will feature a few goodies in that department.

For your browsing- some shots of the new map, CTF_Road, one of Awesome’s new creations. Road involves a mountainous, forest terrain and a mixture of objectives. The primary objective is to breach the opponent’s base, steal their flag, and return it to your area. The secondary objective is to capture and hold the middle ground. The result is a map with a combination of capture-the-flag and terrain holding. The side best able to combine those abilities will win this map.

CTF_Road Part 1



-Nathan Hale

We continue to enrich maps and settings in BGII. Tonight we bring you a glimpse of two new features- improved and more realistic trees, along with lifelike ice with reflections.

Here are two images from BG_Plateau in BG 2.3. We have replaced older evergreen trees with new, more realistic trees from Hawke. Team Member Awesome has also been working on upgrading Plateau to improve gameplay.


Here is another look at the new trees on Plateau:


And here we see a look at Awesome’s work on BG_Snowlake, including lifelike ice, complete with reflections.¬† In this image you can actually see the trees reflecting on the ice surface. You can also see falling snow, another new effect in Snowlake.

This is just a sample of many of the improvements that will be in 2.3.

-Nathan Hale

Merry Christmas: A little preview of map improvements in progress

Lots of new goodies to look forward to:

Graphical improvements form a major part of the next update to BG II. One area getting major upgrades is maps. Many maps have now-outdated textures without the sort of depth and dimension gamers have come to expect. The development team has made texture and graphical improvements in maps a priority.

For your consideration is a preview of BG_Snowlake. On the left you see the “before” picture, and on the right you see the “after” image. The after image involves falling snow, a “colder” and more atmospheric feel, and bump textures giving all surfaces a truly “three dimensional” feel.

Improved Interface Screen

-Nathan Hale