We continue to enrich maps and settings in BGII. Tonight we bring you a glimpse of two new features- improved and more realistic trees, along with lifelike ice with reflections.

Here are two images from BG_Plateau in BG 2.3. We have replaced older evergreen trees with new, more realistic trees from Hawke. Team Member Awesome has also been working on upgrading Plateau to improve gameplay.


Here is another look at the new trees on Plateau:


And here we see a look at Awesome’s work on BG_Snowlake, including lifelike ice, complete with reflections.  In this image you can actually see the trees reflecting on the ice surface. You can also see falling snow, another new effect in Snowlake.

This is just a sample of many of the improvements that will be in 2.3.

-Nathan Hale

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