Upcoming hotfix for 2.3

Author: Hawke

It’s been nearly a month now since the release of the latest patch. Things have gotten busy with the development team, University has started and it’s been back to work for many of us. However, despite that we’ve spent the last month bug checking, reading your posts on the support forum and discussing what needs to be done. We’ve decided that the patch needs a small hotfix to patch some of the bugs and add in some additional content before we shift development fully to BG 3.0 on the Source 2013 engine.

The hotfix should be ready to release by mid-September. We’ll be taking the previous patch and this hotfix and rolling it all up into a full, automatic installer to make it easier for people to download and install. Your feedback is very important to us, so please, if you have any comments, bug reports or just some suggestions for the mod we’d love to hear from you; just post about it here on the bg2mod forums.

Happy Hunting,


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