Community news

Author: klifsnider

Over the holidays, many players have returned to The Battle Grounds II, and new players have been welcomed into the community.
This increase in population has brought back some clans, and we are happy to see older communities such as 42nd and 12.Iftr playing again, as well as new ones such as 49th and 23rd. For our North American players, +]3D[+ is back, with an American server.

This has provided us with an excellent opportunity to organize a tournament, the New Skirmish League (NSL).
6 teams have signed up to battle it out in this 3rd season of the event. You can keep an eye on the rankings here.
Anyone with enough free time on sunday evenings is welcome to participate, leave a post on our forum if you are interested.

There is also some good news for those that like to get their creative juices flowing: you can be making custom maps in no time!
Previously, a painful configuration of the development toolkit was required. This can now be completed quickly and without effort thanks to a new tutorial.

The first snow falls on Europe, and the BG II team remains hard at work. I leave you with this teaser screenshot for BG II 3.0 of bg_snowlake.


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