Battle Grounds II Campaigns


Philadelphia/Middle Colonies Campaign (1776-78)

BG_Trenton: After initial success in driving the British from Boston, the Americans suffered a severe defeat at the Battle of New York in the summer of 1776. By December of that year, the American cause was in dire straits. In order to boost morale and bolster the cause, General George Washington contrives a plan to cross the Delaware River from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, in order to attack a Hessian garrison on Christmas Day. The objective is to control the town of Trenton.


BG_Snowlake: After General George Washington’s successful attack against the Hessian garrison at Trenton, his army retreated back across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania to head for winter quarters. The two armies settle into a stalemate in January 1777. However, both sides detach numerous scouting and foraging parties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On a cold winter’s afternoon in January 1777, two such foraging parties happen upon each other at dusk, near a hill and frozen lake. The objective is to control the high ground on the hill and eventually to take the enemy’s ground at either end of the ice.


BG_Woodland: In June 1778, the British were evacuating Philadelphia to consolidate their occupation in New York City. As they moved northward, General George Washington saw the opportunity to attack them near Monmouth Courthouse in New Jersey. As part of his plan of attack, Washington detaches the Marquis de Lafayette to conduct a reconnaissance-in-force. A scouting party from Lafayette’s forces encounters a British foraging party in a wooded area near a dried stream one afternoon. The objective here is to take control of the bridge, and then to drive back the enemy.


Saratoga/Northern Campaign (1777)

BG_Plateau: In the summer of 1777, as British General John Burgoyne marches southward from Canada into northern New York to divide New England from the rest of the colonies, he sends out flanking and scouting parties to prevent American forces from attacking his army’s flanks. One such party comes across an American force that is defending high ground on a rocky plateau in northern New York. The Americans have set up a hasty defensive position to slow the British advance. The objective here is to control the rocky plateau.


BG_Fall: In the autumn of 1777, British General John Burgoyne marches farther southward into northern New York. He sends out foraging parties to gain provisions for his army. A scouting party of British and Native American forces come upon a farm that can supply provisions and a place to rest temporarily. However, the owners of the farm have put up several bulwarks and informed local militia and Continental forces, who also want to control the farm and its valuable crops. This map is played as a “tickets” map, allowing players to try both sides of the action. The objective is to control the farm and drain the enemy’s reinforcements.

BG_Freeman’s_Farm: In the summer and autumn of 1777, British General John Burgoyne swept south from Canada with his army, into northern New York. His objective was to divide New England from the rest of the colonies and to bring an end to the rebellion. On September 18, the vanguard of his army reached an area just north of Saratoga. American general Horatio Gates allows Benedict Arnold and Daniel Morgan to lead a reconnaissance-in-force to Freeman’s Farm to oppose the British. When Morgan’s men reach an open field northwest of Bemis Heights belonging to Loyalist John Freeman, they spot British advance troops in the field. The objective of this map is to control the farm, and overtake the enemy’s camp.


Carolinas/Southern Campaign (1778-81)

BG_Townguard: On December 29, 1778, a British force of around 3,500 men from New York, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell captures Savannah, Georgia. He was joined in January 1779 by Brigadier General August Prevost and the British soon took Augusta, Georgia. By April 1779, opposing American General Benjamin Lincoln’s continental forces were reinforced by large numbers of South Carolina militia. On a spring day in 1779, a scouting party from Lincoln’s forces enter a small town on the Georgia-South Carolina border and encounter an occupying force of British soldiers from Prevost’s army. The objective in this map is to take control of the town by driving out the enemy.

BG_Ambush: In the summer of 1781, British General Charles Cornwallis was moving his forces northward from South Carolina toward North Carolina and Virginia, with the objective of subduing the southern colonies and winning loyalist support. In northern South Carolina, Cornwallis’ forces are nearing Camden. American General Horatio Gates receives intelligence that a pass through a nearby gorge will allow scouting parties the chance to harass the flanks of Cornwallis’ army as they approach Camden. Cornwallis also recognizes the value of the pass, and detaches an arm of his forces to take and hold the area. The objective is to capture the bend in the pass, with the additional goal of taking the enemy’s camp.


BG_Maricopa: In the summer of 1781, as General Cornwallis moves northward, he sends a scouting party to take over a hillside farm in rural North Carolina. American General Nathaniel Greene has detached a small force with the objective of beating the British to the farm and taking it. Both sides race to the farm for control of the farmhouse and surrounding area. The objective here is to take and hold the farm.


Other Campaigns

BG_New_London: In September 1781, only weeks before the Battle of Yorktown took place in Virginia, the traitor Benedict Arnold led a force of loyalists and British regulars in an attack on Fort Griswold and a raid on the coastal town of New London, Connecticut. The American garrison in the fort was massacred and the British raided the city of New London, causing a great deal of damage. This map presents a “what if” scenario in which Americans fall back instead of being massacred in the fort, and engage the British in house-to-house fighting in New London itself.

CTF_Mill_Creek: This is a capture-the-flag map taking place near a mill in New Jersey. The objective is to capture the enemy’s flag, which is most easily done by controlling the bridge and river area.


CTF_River: This is another capture-the-flag map, this time taking place in New York. The terrain is rocky, and the winning team will control the dry riverbed in the center of the map, allowing them to capture-the-flag of the enemy side.