We continue to enrich maps and settings in BGII. Tonight we bring you a glimpse of two new features- improved and more realistic trees, along with lifelike ice with reflections.

Here are two images from BG_Plateau in BG 2.3. We have replaced older evergreen trees with new, more realistic trees from Hawke. Team Member Awesome has also been working on upgrading Plateau to improve gameplay.


Here is another look at the new trees on Plateau:


And here we see a look at Awesome’s work on BG_Snowlake, including lifelike ice, complete with reflections.  In this image you can actually see the trees reflecting on the ice surface. You can also see falling snow, another new effect in Snowlake.

This is just a sample of many of the improvements that will be in 2.3.

-Nathan Hale

Merry Christmas: A little preview of map improvements in progress

Lots of new goodies to look forward to:


Graphical improvements form a major part of the next update to BG II. One area getting major upgrades is maps. Many maps have now-outdated textures without the sort of depth and dimension gamers have come to expect. The development team has made texture and graphical improvements in maps a priority.

For your consideration is a preview of BG_Snowlake. On the left you see the “before” picture, and on the right you see the “after” image. The after image involves falling snow, a “colder” and more atmospheric feel, and bump textures giving all surfaces a truly “three dimensional” feel.

Improved Interface Screen

-Nathan Hale

Upgraded Interface Preview

Author: Nathan_Hale

Many of you may recall that for quite some time, the BG Development team has been looking to improve the game’s interface. One such improvement is the addition of weapons statistics in the interface. As before, you will be able to choose a skin or regimental colors. You will also continue to be able to choose your firearm as well. However, this time you will be shown the ratings and abilities of each gun you can select.

Ratings will appear in the lower left corner of the interface and will rate each gun’s accuracy, power, melee ability (range and power), and weapon speed (the speed rating is a combination of the weapon’s reload time and gun weight in slowing the movement of the player).

Improved Interface Screen

Improved Interface Screen

Players have been asking for such ratings for some time, and they are shaping up nicely in the improved interface for the next version.

-Nathan Hale

Website Construction

Author: Nathan_Hale

As you may have noticed, we are finally editing our website. We’re presently working on giving our site a theme and style better reflecting Battle Grounds II and the historical period of the American Revolution. We also continue to labor away on the next update for the game and on perfecting our port over to the Source 2013 engine.

New Website and Forums

Author: admin

Hello and welcome to the new website for Battlegrounds 2.  We have moved to the new domain bg2mod.com so please update your bookmarks.  While the old bgmod.com site is still up it is stuck back in 2008, so this is the new home of Battlegrounds 2. The only place to keep up to date with the mod as it develops.

We know things are looking a bit plain at the moment but were working on getting a new design sorted out soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Valve/Steam User ID Ticket Error

Author: Nathan_Hale

Valve updated something in Steam, causing Source 2007 mods to break. The symptom caused is a Steam ID Ticket error. This is a Valve-side error, not something unique to Battle Grounds 2.

A possible temp fix is here:


NOTE: The error does not seem to be client-side, but rather server side. Hopefully Valve will fix this error.

Feel free to voice your concern here:


Errors like these have the power to put mods out of commission. Let Valve know you would like to see this error fixed.

-Nathan Hale

The Battle Grounds development team is pleased to announce the latest update to our mod, just in time for Christmas! The Battle Grounds 2.2 update adds new content, updates old maps and models and brings a fresh coat of paint to the Battle Grounds. So get the download link below, grab your musket and join the fight!

We hope you enjoy playing 2.2 as much as we did making it. Below is a change log which covers the major additions to the mod, a full version can be viewed in our readme file.

The Battle Grounds 2.2 – December 19, 2013
Added new map ctf_millcreek
Various fixes on bg_townguard
Graphical updates on bg_maricopa, bg_snowlake and Ctf_River
Updated farm house on bg_freemans_farm
Updated bullet physics to reduce lag
Tweaks to buckshotNew frontiersman knife
Updated textures on Brown Bess, American Brown Bess, Jaeger Rifle and Charleville
Tweaked the Revolutionaire iron sight
Updated textures for the British Infantry, British Officer, British Light Infantry, Continental Soldier, American Officer, Frontiersman and Militia player models
Added skin selection to the team selection menu for British and American Infantry
Added a hit marker and removed hit messages (Hit messages can still be toggled on/off in options)
Replaced the cap for the British Light Infantry.

To download the Windows client of this release head over to the Client download page: http://www.bgmod.com/downloads/bg2w.htm
For other downloads, such as the server files and source code check our downloads index: http://www.bgmod.com/downloads/

I would like to personally thank all of the lovely people without whom none of this would have happened.

Klifsnider (Lead Mapper)
Roob (Lead Coder)
Visual Melon (Coder, without him the majority of this update wouldn’t have happened, cheers mate.)
Nathan Hale (Historical adviser, 2d artist.)
Santi Koach (2d art creation, weapon skins)
Awesome (mapper, 2d art creation)
Kasos (mapper)
MPC (textures and mapping)
William (Contributed some lovely models)
Kriboez (Knife model)
Friagram (Modeling contributions)

Without the help and dedication of all these people none of this would have happened, thank you all very much. If I have forgotten or overlooked anyone’s contribution, it was not intentional and I am very sorry.

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to The Battle Grounds, have a very Merry Christmas!

The Battle Grounds 2 Development team.

Buckshot Poll

Author: roob

For the upcoming Battle Grounds 2 patch we would like some feedback on the use of buckshot in the game. We would appreciate it if you could spare a minute and complete this quick poll:

UPDATE 10/10/2013 – It appears Valve have released a steam client update to stop this error occurring and SDK Base 2007 should update on its own when you go to run Battle Grounds 2.

With a recent update on Steam a lot of players are receiving this error when starting up Battle Grounds 2.  Fortunately there is a way to solve this problem.

You need to opt into the steampipe beta for “Source SDK Base 2007”, this can be done by:

1. Enter you games library in Steam and click next to the search bar where it says “ALL GAMES”.
2. From the pop up menu click “Tools”.
3. Scroll down to “Source SDK Base 2007” and right click on it.
4. Select the properties option from the pop up menu.
5. Select the “BETAS” tab in the properties window.
6. In the drop down box select the “steampipe -” item and press the close button.

This will convert the game engine files to Valve’s new file system (steampipe).  It will take a minute or two to convert the files over and it will probably need to download some extra files.  When this has finished you should be able to play Battle Grounds 2 again.

Please let all your friends who play Battle Grounds 2 know about this fix so they can get back to the action as soon as possible.